Thanksgiving experiment #2: Turkey

Apple Cranberry Chutney was first and I converted my pre-diabetic mom from the cranberry jelly to the chutney. Win!

Experiment #2: Instead of 1-20+ pound turkey that is wet brined and baked, according to the Alton Brown recipe, I did 2 – 11 pound turkeys. I dry brined, spatchcocked and baked one courtesy of Michelle Tam’s post here. The other one I wet brined and smoked in our electric smoker. Both were good, but the clean up on the dry brined and roasted turkey was horrible. The dark meat was better on the smoked turkey, a little too moist on the roasted one. The breast meat was more flavorful on the smoked turkey and downright juicy on the roasted one. If I was being picky, I would dry brine the whole turkey, then quarter the turkey to where the dark meat goes into the smoker and the white meat goes in the oven. I would also use a disposable pan and rack for the turkey in the oven. The experiment goes on, but we don’t want to even smell turkey for another few months. Christmas is going to be a different meal all together.

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