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Happy Mother’s Day

Every holiday in my family is an excuse for tasty food. Whether we go out for a nice meal, or cook a bunch of food at home, we always overeat. Do I feel guilty? Do I restricted everyone else to my dietary standards? The answer to this is no, and here are some reasons why.

  • Holidays are not every week
  • Special occasions should be celebrated
  • If you stress out about your “diet”, you could be doing more harm than good
  • Desserts are meant to be shared. Don’t eat an entire brownie cake by yourself

Today is Mother’s Day and I did a few swaps. Instead of corn bread, I had corn bread made with cashew milk and a gluten-free box mix. The brownies were Krusteaz Gluten Free Fudge Brownie mix made with coconut oil rather than the weird “vegetable oil” called for on the box. I mean, seriously, have you ever tried to extract “oil” out of a vegetable? The rest of the menu consisted of ribs, green bean salad and sweet potatoes. Not too shabby. This whole meal was shared amongst 6 people, and we didn’t double batch the carbs.

Could I have skipped on the corn bread and brownies all together? Yes, of course. Is all of my family on board with the real food living and giving up grains yet…..No, no they are not. So, instead of looking like the crazy carb police, I will make some exceptions. Change is not well accepted in human nature, but if it comes slowly, it is easier. Before you know it, nobody will know why they are eating real food, they just do because that is the new normal.